Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Limited Words

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One of my dear friends posted this as her Facebook status last night, I immediately asked her if I could post it on my blog as well.  Thank you Amy.

"For whatever reason, I keep losing things!!  I will walk around the classroom, put down a coffee cup or teacher's manual absentmindedly and then have to search for it.  One of my students recently made an interesting comment as I was walking in circles looking for my misplaced items.  She told me that if our steps were numbered, and if we were only given a limited number of them in our lifetime, then we wouldn't want to waste them.  I guess my walking in circles made her think I was wasting my precious steps!  She didn't have a solution for me, but she did make me stop and think.

Although she spoke of steps, I thought of words...What if we were only given a limited number of words in our lifetime?  Do we choose them carefully?  Do we use our words to encourage those around us...inspire our family, friends, and students...brighten someone's day?  Or do we use words that could hurt others without intending to do so?

I know I will waste words now and again, but I plan on trying my best to use them wisely from here on out...just in case my student is correct and they are limited."


Anonymous said...

What if we were only given a limited number of words in our lifetime?
I think about that often, how much would you want to, or could you in fact change your life? at the end would you be left mute?


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