Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Those Little Words

I am proud of you.
Look at what you did.
You can do this.
Explain this to me
What else can happen?
Thank you for today.

Small words, big meaning.  Those words we choose to share with those we surround ourselves with every day.  Those words we do not ponder or carefully measure out.  Those words we do not plan for, study, or write down lest they be forgotten.  Those are often the words that carry the most weight to our students, to our colleagues, to ourselves.

A smile, a hug, or even a look in the eye.  Those speak volumes every day.  The little things we do matter more than we know, so be aware and give enough of the happiness you should feel waking up every day knowing that you are part of the change, of the hope, of the incredible world that is ours.


Ms. Serdy said...

I want to let you know that I read your blog through my RSS reader and frequently share your posts on my Facebook page. Sometimes I share them with my coworkers; I am a teacher. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs Ripp aka @pernilleripp said...

Thank you so much for sharing those little words with me. They 100% brightened my day.

goldfish said...

What a great reminder of the impact (intended or not) our words have on others.


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