Sunday, July 3, 2011

We Say it is All About the Kids

Time and time again I hear the statement, "I do it for the kids..." or "It's all about the kids."  This before I hear any educational philosophy or methodology, but I have yet to meet a teacher that does not think it is all about the kids.  So then what happens from that statement to our classrooms?  Where does the disconnect start because how can you say it is all about the kids and then assign punishment or rewards?  How can you say it is all about the kids and assign hours of homework even at an elementary level?  How can it be all about the kids when there are no re-takes, no extra chances, no resources allowed on tests?

So if it is true that it is all about the kids, then perhaps we need to rethink what that means.  The way a lot of educational systems are set up is apparently all about taking time away from the kids and making sure the teacher is in focus and in control.  Do we not think that all about the kids could mean the kids had a say, were more in control and were even listened to?  Because if inane classroom management, pointless homework, letter grades with no explanation, and test upon test is what is meant by being all about kids, then no, I am not all about the kids.


Royan Lee said...

That term has totally been co-opted.

Clemente said...

I truly agree that teachers lose site of what they say when they enter the classroom and begin yelling or issuing total punishment. We must become more creative and teach for the kids without making classrooms a place of fear.

Kids Activities In New York said...

It's all about the kids but the thing is that it's all about the teachers. The way of teaching should be changed, less homework, less punishment and more enjoyment and progress.


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