Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is Their Sentence?

Image from I Can Read
After seeing the post by Daniel Pink and some very inspired posts regarding "What's your sentence?"  I too have been wondering what is it I believe in?  What is my vision, my mission, my dream - what do I some day leave behind?  What is my sentence for the year, for the next 5 years, for my life?  In this thought path it struck me; what is important to me is not what is my sentence is but rather what is their sentence?

Them, those kids, those people we touch every single day; what sentence will they utter about me as they depart my classroom, my home, my life?  Those people that mean everything to me today, what will they remember about me, how will I have affected them?  What will their sentence be?  And more importantly, what would I like it to be? So I dare you to ask; what is their sentence?

So please if you will, share your "their" sentence in the comments. I have a feeling they will be powerful.



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